Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just in time for open water swimming, a freakishly large jelly fish has been found!

From the MailOnline: "... It was spotted by a woman at a popular beauty spot on the coast of north Devon. [England]

She then found photographer Peter Stapleton who captured this image. But he is keeping the exact location secret - to avoid spreading panic. ..."


Above is a Rootmouth Jellyfish: Rootmouth Jellyfish average 12-inches in diameter but this 'honker' measures in at four-feet.

Imagine you are in an open water race and you swim into one of these monsters while diving through a wave. The thought of being completely enveloped in a big, electric, blobby HELLO, feels like something you would see in a Japanese monster movie rather than experiencing it in real life. Well in, North Devonshire, YOU CAN!

Or imagine diving through a wave and seeing a competitor trapped inside one of these monsters paralyzed in pain mouthing the words "HELP ME!" as the Jellyfish wraps his transparent 'blobbiness' around the swimmer like a blueseventy swimskin and dives to the bottom.

Ok, so, now it gets worse, one of the comments to the post says this:
"...Not exactly big. The Fortean Times has records of jellyfish the size of houses being washed up. - John Smith, Gillingham Kent, 11/5/2009 16:50 "

I should have saved this quote for Halloween

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Trev said...

There are few things in the world I hate more than inadvertently swimming into a jellie. Thanks in advance for the nightmares I'll be having this week, Tony ;-)