Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ryosuke Irie's World Record in the mens' Men's 200m Backstroke!

Poor guy, for the suit was legal at the time of the swim too, wasn't it?


John Craig said...

What's weird about Irie is how thin he is. His arms are very skinny, his legs are somewhat skinny, and his torso is almost nonexistent. Makes him very hydrodynamic, I guess, though I can't think of another world record holder who's been that skinny. (Maybe Tom Dolan?) There's something cute about his face, he reminds me of a character you'd see in an anime cartoon.....With that perfect form and his steep recent improvement curve, I have to imagine he's going to get the WR legitimately sometime in the near future, maybe in both backstrokes.

Jason said...

Hideki contacted us from Japan. The Japanese Federation is going to ratify all of the swims done at nationals as national records if they beat former records. That includes Irie's time.

We could have a faster national record than a world record.

Tony Austin said...

This is the biggest story of the year so far! The Japanese Federation is going rogue!

If the WR is good, then his suit is good. How will FINA reign them in?

I hear FINA closed it's headquarters today and would accept no calls!

maly said...

today in france and in lausane (switzerland), it is a bank holiday to celabrate what the catholic call the departure of jesus in the sky . so in france and switzerland you won't have anyone on thursday and friday.

Tony Austin said...

Maly, I loved the way you phrased that. It was so cute and wonderful! :-)