Friday, May 15, 2009

The 'Spree Bridge Badeschiff' in Berlin will get a new roof!

From the Travel with Frank Gehry blog: "... A 30 year old barge was modified in a nearby dockyard. It was reduced to its shell and filled with preheated and chlorinated water to form a 32m long pool complemented with a wooden bridge and a sun terrace. All technical installations are concealed in the edge profile and yet allow an unobstructed view across the river when swimming. ..." [Link]

Berlin gets quite cold in the winter and the new "capsule" will keep people swimming.

There are more photos of this project at the blog and each one is pretty neat, especially what the pool enclosure looks like at night.

The more thing, the pool is 32-meters long


Rob D said...

they need to do this with the Queen Mary down in Long Beach and we can hold SCM Regionals there while they overhaul the Belmont pool. Why not right? Problem solved.

Merritt Johnson said...

I swim masters at CSULB, the other day after workout we were discussing the issue of Belmont renovation. The high school coaches, Wilson in particular, are worried about having to cut their swim team numbers because they won't have a big pool to train in if Belmont goes down.

My view is that Long Beach should have gotten Belmont underway after the 2004 Trials. The Trials pools could have stuck around until Belmont got finish, but alas that is impossible now.

I like Rob's suggestion though. It would leave the parking lot area around Belmont open for the facility's expansion.

Tony Austin said...

No matter when they start the renovations, times it by three and that is when the renos will really finish.

The bay there at Belmont could host a 25 yard temp pool. The cost to build a concrete pool that has 8-lanes, shallow to deep, costs $625,000

A temp pool of that size would probably cost 30% or less. Scott Goldblatt once told me that his Masters team bought a used Astral Pool after some swanky event for $100,000. There is probably a barge out there that could be rented cheaply enough, but why not put it in the parking lot!

Ultimately a temp pool could be put together and use a fire hydrant to fill it.