Friday, May 22, 2009

Sydney Morning Herald: Australian Coach, Alan Thompson, was on the panel in charge of the FINA swimsuit approval process!

From the Sydney Morning Herald:

"... Australian head coach Alan Thompson, who was on the panel in charge of the approval process, said yesterday the decision makes the most level playing field possible for the world titles, but it won't be fully level until the new rule changes come in January, where among them, swimsuits will be required to pass permeability testing.

As for Sullivan holding onto his records - the French ones are yet to be ratified - Thompson says in the wake of the failed tests Sullivan's should stand. ..."


Some process, huh?

Well, if this is an accurate statement written by the Sydney Morning Herald, It suddenly becomes obvious why USA Swimming and Australian Swimming "fully support FINA with all their hearts and minds" versus the Japanese, the French, and the Italians?

No wonder rational minds and countries have a problem with this approval process. It's my belief that Alan Thompson should clarify if he is or has ever been a paid endorser by Speedo.

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John Craig said...

There's a reason why plaintiffs aren't allowed to serve on their own juries.