Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craig Lord has revised his article, '...Elite or Master' providing more clarification regarding our use of speedsuits!

The revisions definitely clarify his points and assertions much better and as a result the article clearly illustrates how he arrived at his conclusions and brings us closer to what sort of suits Masters swimmers can wear.

He also addresses the quote "cut the cancer out:"

UPDATE: Correspondence received by SwimNews suggests that some doubt that the story below carries official weight and is somehow made up, just as some suggested that when the director of FINA said that the "cancer" would be cut out of the pool SwimNews somehow misquoted him. Let's make it clear: I have the reference to cancer on a tape in three places (yes, three), the quote was reported by three national news organisations present on the day. As for masters and suits, here is the first line of an e-mail response from FINA:


You got to go to the link to find out the answer he received but I will give a hint: I am not complaining!

Apparently FINA threw him "under the bus" with their quote "clarification" and the way they have been runnibg the show lately, you know that is something they would do.

Above is Chris B. about to swim the 100 IM and the photo was taken by Mark Savage.


Ahelee said...

Check out Rob's blog this morning...

Craig Lord responded to Rob's letter.

The Screaming Viking! said...

I love how Craig Lord seems gets so defensive over what the "blogging blockheads" across the pond have to say! This isn't the first time he has had to defend his writing against guys like us...

don't you think the RobAquatics letter ( and your blog had something to do with this revision?

keep up the good work.

Tony Austin said...

Yes, I know, he was thrilled! :-)

Tony Austin said...

I think it was all Rob and no Tony!

I have been meaning to put up a link and a post about your site in my links column. I keep thinking I have done it and it is there and it is not.

You do good work. :-)

The Screaming Viking! said...

I just went and read Craig Lord's comment on at Robaquatics, and I am glad he posted it. Even if he rubs some of us the wrong way and we pick on him a bit... there is no denying that he loves swimming and wants the best for the sport, which is why the rest of us write as well. His response at least helps me to not condemn him so harshly for cutting into the masters crowd. And I am really glad to know he actually reads what we all have to say and feels that little bit of responsibility to us in the blogosphere...

Enough mushiness. Let's get back to blogfighting!
Thanks for the compliments!