Monday, June 01, 2009

Here are some hot, rhetorical, quotes regarding "speedsuits!"

Again, histrionic and fearful rhetoric about "speedsuits." The purists below certainly don't want us moving forward do they.

"At Junior Nationals, I announced that it would be illegal to wear the suit. ..."

""From the standpoint of a swim- wear distributor, we are going to sit back, wait and see. If the suit gets FINA approval, we'll put forth our best effort to come out with a competitive version. ..."

If the suit gets FINA approval, we'll put forth our best effort to come out with a competitive version. ..."

This came from a Swimming World article circa 1979. These quotes are nearly a third-of-century old and the coaches quoted above felt that swimming was at a crossroads. So, when you read this Swimming World article realize that the suits pictured above were the lastest word in swimsuit technology:


The photo above came from PaulW's photstream at Flickr. What are those things made out of, Linen?:



Wendy said...

Some of us remember the advent of the Belgrade suit -- and Lycra!!! No more the nylon swimming togs (with little modesty skirts in front) ...

Ahelee said...

(in regard to swim practice Monday June 1st)

Christopher A. LaBianco Sr. (USA Swimming Foudation Pres) is gearing up for the SCAQ - Southern California Aquatics 6:00 PM Middle Distance Masters workout in Culver City, CA with Brandon Franklin.

Free Foundation Swim Caps for everyone at practice if Gold Medal Mel joins us at the pool!

EricT said...

Dig the full length dress in the background. Very Helen of Troy.

Anonymous said... it LCM on Monday nights?

Tony Austin said...

Yes, also LCM at Santa Monica College at 7:30

Scott said...

Ahhh, I remember those days. Back in when people tried as best they could to adhere to the spirit of the rules. You know, when the United States was still considered the champion of the oppressed, and General Motors was the largest and most profitable company in the world.

Tony Austin said...


Good to hear from you. Hey, it's Europe and Australia that invented the Jaked and b70.

What mess did we create?

Steve said...

I think BlueSeventy may actually be from New Zealand.

Tony Austin said...

Oooops, oh yeah, the other Australia. ;-)