Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have been studying Kierin racing as a template for a swim pro-league

Keirin is essentially a sport where cyclists sprint for victory within a velodrome. Betting is allowed and in a single year the Japanese bet as much as $15-billion dollars.

Think of it as a horse race with jockeys on bicycles.

If a pro league could raise just 1% of that capital throughout an entire season one could host 10-events with $1.5-million-dollar-budget. This excludes television rights. spectators and sponsorships.

In an average race; just one race, an average of $84,000 is wagered. In a big race, $840,000.

I am really beginning to believe that a professional swim league is not just possible, but extraordinarily profitable.

So much has to be done in the planning stages to get this right!

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