Monday, June 22, 2009

Rebecca Soni takes flight, then storms, than graciously wins the 100 breast at the TYR Swim Meet of Champions

I attended to the TYR Swim Meet of Champions yesterday and I was really pleased with what I saw. There is a lot of talent here on the west coast and I will I will post more images throughout the day. For now here are some fantastic images that my SCAQ friend Mark Savage took for us.

Above are three photos of world record holder Rebecca Soni at the 2009 TYR Swim Meet of Championsin. Note that Rebecca Soni is the World Record holder in the 200 breast and in these photos you can see her take flight, storm and glow after winning the 100 breast.

If Rebecca Soni is in your town for a swim meet, it's worth the long drive to go see her swim. (Glenn Mills, we need a video.)

The way she approaches the breaststroke is very unique. She has a very fast turnover, she stays very close to the surface, and I see no undulation whatsoever. Almost an old school style of breaststroke

She was a very gracious winner; on the podium she looked to her left telling the swimmer that she did a good, then to the right doing like wise but when she was handed her yellow roses, she started to glow. Just look at that smile. :-D

Mark Savage took the photos above and I thank him very much. If you want to to post these photos on your blog, you may on the condition that you link to his sites:




Glenn said...

Isn't she still swimming college? She does have a beautiful stroke, another tremendous variation on breaststroke. It never ends does it. :)

Jason said...

Nice meeting you all in person!

Anonymous said...

rebbecca your breaststroke looks so fast,thats why its
a gold
vicki your from jersey,i'm in maryland, swimin summer.