Sunday, June 07, 2009

WANTED: A photo of Gwen Stefani swimming 'fly in high school!

Hey, girls in the O.C.! - Did you go to school with Gwen Stefani?

Stefani was a swimmer in high school and her event was the butterfly. Posting a shot of Gwen Stefani on this blog, or any other blog, swimming 'fly would be as big a contribution to the world of swimming than anything Dara Torres or Michael Phelps has ever accomplished.

I hate to say that but it is true in this celebrity obsessed society. Plus, she looks terrific both now and then.

I found this high school photo of Gwen Stefani here: [Link]


tony1kenobi said...

Hi Tony,

Your blog readers may or may not be interested in a new free swim log website that plots graphs of your swim times.

You can see it here: Swim Log

I am not a marketeer, just a swimmers dad who knows how to code websites.


Tony Austin said...

Tony1Kenobi - write me a letter to my groovydoo address and let's talk about this.

I like what I see and I would have no problems putting this in my links column if I know it's benevolent. :-)

May the "long-course" be with you. ;-)