Thursday, June 04, 2009

Underwater photographer, Ric Frazier, captures more than just swimming!

Swim photography is all about timing and composition; Ric Frazier is extraordinary at both. When I went to his site, I was impressed with the clarity, color saturation and his sense of composition in his photographs. The images I posted above are just a small sampling of his work; the rest of it certainly is just as attention grabbing and "yummy."

I wrote Ric and asked him about his work and how he approaches it. His answer explains everything.

"... My approach is that I when I shoot underwater I need a concept to be there. A reason to be in the water. I don't just to put someone underwater to be underwater. I also love the lines and shapes that pools provide. I fell in love with pool from skateboarding in them since I was 14 year old (38, now) Their shapes, lines and how every pool is different. When I started shooting underwater, the water element added so much more graphical complexity for me. ..."



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