Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bob Bowman makes a grand threat to FINA and greatly embarasses USA Swimming!

Amanda said...

OMG, this is getting even more dramatic.

Michael Phelps' coach has threatened to withhold the swimmer from international meets until FINA bans high-tech bodysuits.

Told of the possible delay, Phelps' coach, Bob Bowman, said FINA better "do something or they're going to lose their guy who fills these seats."

Phelps: "My coach sets my schedule."

NO, Mr. Phelps, you are the CEO of your career - This nonsense confirmed by AP:

ROME — Michael Phelps' coach has threatened to withhold the swimmer from international meets until FINA bans high-tech bodysuits.

Swimming's governing body, FINA, upheld a decision Tuesday to outlaw the suits next year, although the ban might not take effect until April or May — three or four months later than expected.

Told of the possible delay, Phelps' coach, Bob Bowman, said FINA better "do something or they're going to lose their guy who fills these seats."

Boy, is my face red and I am so embarrassed by Bowman's arrogance.

He actually threatened FINA and the health of USA Swimming's international win-column!

Michael Phelps being so ill advised and now American swimming has a new "Ugly American" and his name is Bob Bowman.

Paging, Katie Hoff, white courtesy telephone please?


Sarah said...

This is pure ridiculousness and arrogance on Bowman's part.

Wendy said...

Just when one thought the suit debaucle couldn't get any messier ...

(I loved your line about the courtesy phone!)

maly said...

they knew the rules comming to rome, the other swimmers were not happy but adapted to the rules of fina. paul bidderman is sponsored by arena and used the material they gave him. we didn't hear bob and mike when the lzr got out and the europeans federations wanted last year to ban the lzr and stay with the textile suit .

Tony Austin said...

100% précis !

Glenn said...

Phew... thanks for posting this Tony. Nothing like coming to the close on a long day with some humor. You're the best. ;)


Tony Austin said...

Thanks Wendy. Bowman's face turning blue was actually the red flag for Katie Hoff! I hope she sees it.

Anna said...

I'm still upset that Thorpe's 2002 record got broken by a nobody in a suit about to get banned. :( But Bowman is making Phelps look bad.

Tony Austin said...

I respect your opinion, Anna. I have no problem with any purists.

I have problems with "fake purists" so suddenly become purists when their suits lose like Schubert , Bowman, Sullivan, trickett.

Anonymous said...

we all know Bob has a bad additude. he is a hot head! MP states this almost everyday during every interview! he is an AMAZING coach though, and MP is definitely a HUGE reason why swimming is so popular now, but he isnt the only reason.

Anonymous said...

MP might be the "CEO" of his career outside of the pool, but at the pool the coach SHOULD be the decision maker. maybe coaches & athletes should start boycotting FINA events. this would be a good way to spark interest in the Pro League you've been talking about.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony:

It's no big deal that Phelps lost today...he is entitled. He has given up most of his teenage years to be our star, and represents our sport with great character.

Bowman looks at Michael like a son...and I think any father would have felt the way he did today...thus the remarks.

They all get a free pass on this one....!!!

Kerry said...

Michael Phelps is the CEO of his career? Oh Tony, that might be my laugh of the day.

Listen, I generally think that if Bob were my coach, I would hit him over the head with a kickboard within the first practice. However, I'm actually with Bob on this one. This suit stuff has gotten way, way out of control, and it shouldn't be taking 2+ years to deal with it. Someone needed to play the ace card with FINA, and Phelps has more influence as an athlete than anyone in the sport right now. This way, Bob takes the fall, not Phelps. It's actually kind of noble of him, in a protective father sort of way.

Nor is this about USA Swimming. Grant Hackett and others have come out with equally strong positions that the suits are ruining the integrity of the sport.

Of course, it's an empty threat that he can afford to make without harming Phelps - what major int'l meets are there between now and then? WCs is short course next year.

seriously said...

I wonder if Bowman wipes michael's ass for him too?

Tony Austin said...

SCM meets are under the radar! It's all about world champs and the Olympic games.

Grant Hackett wore a speedsuit in every race he swam against Thorpe.

How Amish should we get, wear suits circa1976, '86, '90.

What individual sport has not moved forward with equipment? Cycling, tennis track & field. The only one I can think of is chess.


Steve said...

"What individual sport has not moved forward with equipment? Cycling, tennis track & field."

Again, don't want to make the mistake of not picking up on sarcasm, but UCI has made quite a few decisions in its history that restrict technology.



Here's a list of rather comprehensive rules regarding specifications that bike manufacturers adhere to.


Charlie said...

I am so so SO bored of the whole suit issue. It is such an unpleasant distraction from the swimming. FINA are a complete joke, but that said I don't agree with Bowman either.

BTW I am sure this has already been discussed on this blog, but are all the World Records set in these suits going to be allowed to stand? If so I think it may be a while until some of these are broken again once they are banned.

I think they need to follow English Channel swimming rules - one speedo brief, one hat, one pair of googles. Keep it nice an simple.

Tony Austin said...

I was addressing Kerry, sorry.

Anonymous said...

i agree with anon that its alright that MP lost the 200 free. michael even said it was OK! i cant find the quote i read earlier but he basically said "i took a 6 months break from swimming and I'm still getting back into shape." he was also described as happy with his medal on the podium!

everyone is allowed to lose every now and then! though, i dont think its fair of Bob to go crazy when his athlete loses. the timing of this announcement makes him seem insincere.

Kerry said...

You talkin' to me? You talkin' to ME? ;-)

I can't believe you just tried to pull the "other people are doing it" argument on me. I haven't fallen for that since I was about 7.

Personally, I don't aspire to make swimming more like other sports. On the contrary, I always considered swimmers to be superior in work ethic and mental fortitude. How am I supposed to maintain this superiority complex while striving to be like others of lesser esteem?

This just in from my Amish bretheren: When the suit increases your buoyancy and drops 2-3 seconds off your time, then it becomes a shortcut to training. This we object to, just as much as I object to people wearing fins during a distance set. (You know who you are.)

Also, you reinforced my point about SCM. Bowman's bluffing, but he did make his point loud and clear.

Tony Austin said...

You're grumpy today.

Anonymous said...

Every sport has technical advances. Running shoes have made strides, tennis rackets are no longer wood, baseball bats are lighter, denser and stronger, bicycles are lighter, stronger and faster..the list goes on and on. Didn't Phelps wear a Lazer in the Olympics (a suit that is light years beyond the suits that Biondi, Evans or Spitz wore). Was it not Phelps coach who urged the US team to wear Lazers as they were the fastest suits on the market in the 2008 Olympics? And now that there are faster suits out there his poor swimmer is stuck in a lazer and now he is so upset. These records are set on the world stage all the way down to age groupers and masters..to go back now would be the wrong decision. Afterall these suits are not swimming themselves! Get on board and wear one or be left behind..or sit on the sidelines and be forgotten. Create a fair market price for these suits and then we are talking!