Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dumpster Diving: Converting old construction dumpsters into swimming pools!

I hope that the lining and the filtration is viable, safe and effective. Also that the depth of the dumpster is compensated some how for younger swimmers or those "swimmers" who can't swim.

We all know how dangerous swimming pools can be without proper management or standards .

Here is a snippet from

Jocko wrote me back with a brief synopsis: “We heard about dumpster pools—one was done by Curtis Crowe of the band Pylon in Athens, Georgia a few years ago, and others have done it, but usually smaller—and decided we wanted to do it this summer in Brooklyn as a test site/prototype. We (David Belt, Alix Feinkind, and myself, who are Macro-Sea) heard about in late February. In late May we found the location, and from the time we got the dumpsters to the opening on July 4th was 12 days.

"...We would like to do them in the parking lots of the strip malls and show people that with not too much expense you can creatively reuse what is basically considered urban detritus and make something really cool and fun and also fairly easy to put together.” ..."


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