Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July - 2009: "The Valley Swim Club" in Philadelphia denies African American kids the right to swim in their pool despite being paid for that right!

NBC reports in Philadelphia that The Valley Swim Club does not want African Americans to swim in their pool despite being an open membership club.

"I heard this lady, she was like, 'Uh, what are all these black kids doing here?' She's like, 'I'm scared they might do something to my child,'" said camper Dymire Baylor.

The Creative Steps Day Camp paid more than $1900 to The Valley Swim Club. The Valley Swim Club is a private club that advertises open membership. But the campers' first visit to the pool suggested otherwise.

"When the minority children got in the pool all of the Caucasian children immediately exited the pool," Horace Gibson, parent of a day camp child, wrote in an email. "The pool attendants came and told the black children that they did not allow minorities in the club and needed the children to leave immediately."

Oh, it gets worse. There is a philosophy called deconstructionism. The premise is that your brain cannot "measure words" fast enough as they pour out of your head and often times a person will accidentally reveal what they are truly thinking if you deconstruct what they said.

Here is the explanation from the President of The Valley Swim Club in response to the segregation. What do you think he really meant?:

"There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club," John Duesler, President of The Valley Swim Club said in a statement.

Contact USA Swimming and request they speak out against bigotry against swimmers of color: [Link]


maly said...

wow that is nasty!!!!!

Tony Austin said...

As an American I am very embarrassed and ashamed! USA Swimming has to become vocal about this.

John Craig said...

I'm the first to point out how the word "racism" is probably the most overused -- and abused -- word in the English language. But that is racism, plain and simple.

john a. bailo said...

Someone needs to find the membership list of that club.


1) Find out what businesses they work for.

2) Persuade everyone to not use those businesses.

3) If the members of that club are receiving any Federal aid or stimulus money, immediately terminate their contracts.

Enough is Enough said...

I copied and pasted my review on The Swim Club's website so that in case they delete it over there, it will still be published here.

It was written as follows:

User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
by Enough is Enough

This is the statement which you posted online concerning this incident:

The Valley Club is deeply troubled by the recent allegations of racism which are completely untrue.

We had originally agreed to invite the camps to use our facility, knowing full well that the children from the camps were from multi-ethnic backgrounds. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that we underestimated the capacity of our facilities and realized that we could not accommodate the number of children from these camps. All funds were returned to the camps and we will re-evaluate the issue at a later date to determine whether it can be feasible in the future.

Our Valley Club deplores discrimination in any form, as is evidenced by our multi-ethnic and diverse membership. Whatever comments may or may not have been made by an individual member is an opinion not shared by The Valley Club Board.


What are you all thinking?

No matter what you say, you cannot hide the truth from God. You are merely posturing yourselves to avoid any legal confrontations which are surely coming your way.

Do you think that you can get away with this type of money-making business without getting caught?

It is a privilege of this country to be allowed to open the doors of a business in order to make money. But you must act responsibly, and act within the laws which govern this country.

Lord, have mercy! We will not permit these types of activities within our borders without opening our mouths and screaming about the acts which you have committed.

Enough is Enough, and it is high time for all Americans to wake up. We will not tolerate these actions!!!

Righteous Rules said...

My review which I wrote on The Swim Club site was deleted. This was the review I replaced it with:

User Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
by Righteous Rules

Oh, that is real nice. Now you deleted the review which I had written.

You can erase the reviews, but you will never erase what God has already seen you do to these children!

As I previously had written, but you deleted:

It is better to be in the depths of the sea with a millstone tied around your neck than to harm one of God's least ones.

Those children done nothing to you. Their membership had been paid in full in the amount of $1,950.00. By merely giving them their money back does not erase the fact of what you done.

God said vengeance is his!

An other sad part of this story: this happened in the city of what is supposedly known as the city of brotherly love. I guess you meant your white brotherly and sisterly love.

You must think that God is white, heaven is white, and that no blacks will be allowed there. You will have a big surprise waiting for you on Judgment Day!

I wonder why you changed your recorded message on the phone? Yes, I tried to call, but you quickly blocked any attempts to speak with you.

I must ask the same question as those who have passed, how much longer?

Then we wonder why the country is in the shape that it is in. Just take a look around, almost everything that is done nowadays is against the will of God.

We can all sit back and wait to see what will surely come of this atrocity against these children.

Tony Austin said...

I am posting both of your notes, the swim community who reads this blog will have access to this comment.

Thank you for thinking of us as an outlet to voice your opinion.

Troy said...

Did these bigoted people really think such comments would go unanswered? I think NOT. The children's parents are working and providing services for these people no doubt use everyday. As I said it is not only minorities it is anyone from the other side of the tracks they object to. I am so ashamed of their words to these children that I really hope the members are thrown out and in all reality this club should be shut down. You have an image now and I'll bet a dollar to a donut it is not the one you wanted. Tough luck Valley Swim Club. I can only hope that you and your members are charged with some sort of hate crime. Of course you all will be judged in the end no doubt.

Tony Austin said...

USA Swimming is preparing a response, so is Cullen Jones. Watch for it at Swimming World

Righteous Rules/Bonnie Williams said...


Thank you so much for posting our reviews from The Swim Club, Philadelphia, PA.

They removed my first review, and I had to write a second one. From that point, I copied and saved everything just in case they tried to delete anything else.

This atrocity cannot be easily healed. These children are marred for life. Never will they forget the same feelings which their ancestors also felt.

This is a good example of how we all need to come together to voice our opinions to let everyone know we will condemn these wrongful acts.

Thanks for having the courage to allow us a site we can be assured our words are not to be deleted.

Hopefully, this message will be heard around the world that the Americans are declaring a war against the wrongful treatment of all humanity.


Righteous Rules
Bonnie Williams

Simone said...

Join the YMCA. The YMCA has good values, something like this would not happen. All kids play together in harmony.

A YMCA member

Simone said...

Join the YMCA, the YMCA has good values, all kids play together in harmony,something like this does not happen everywhere.

A YMCA member

Anonymous said...

I dont see anything racist here. The club is not responsible for the actions of its members. The lady asked what all the black kids were doing there. How is that racist? The kids from the camp were black. The members that paid for the pool membership were white. So how is it racist to call the campers black? Is it now racist to call black people black.

So they left the pool when the campers arrived. Maybe it got too loud or crowded.

What's with the massive inferiority complex of the campers and their adult mentors? What's with immediate shouts of racism just because a white person does not like the actions of a black person? I fail to see what I am missing from this story, but it seems to me like the campers have some sort of massive inferiority complex suggesting that the world is out to get them. Comments addressing these points and questions are of course welcome.

Tony Austin said...

Asking, "what are they doing here," is not racist!

being told minorities are not allowed once they paid for entry is the issue.

Quote: "...The pool attendants came and told the black children that they did not allow minorities in the club and needed the children to leave immediately. ..."

The Creative Steps Day Camp paid more than $1900 to The Valley Swim Club.

Note that The Valley Swim Club is a private club that advertises open membership.

The key phrase is open membership. That is what makes it a point of law.

Racism is not against the law but discrimination is if your club or sect is advertised as "open membership."

As a blogger I should have stated why I think it is racist and the answer is the statement made by the President of the Valley Swim Club. His response:

"There was concern that a lot of kids would change the complexion … and the atmosphere of the club," John Duesler, President of The Valley Swim Club said in a statement.

That to me is a preponderance of evidence that Mr. Duesler had racial issues with the kids.

Thanks for your rebuttal I appreciate taking the chance to respond.

Righeous Rules/Bonnie Williams said...


Your response to Anonymous is admirable.

However, I find it highly unusual that Anonymous would come to this Blob to post this, especially, when "The Swim Club" has the perfect place to have written such a review/comment.

How would they have known to have come here, rather than merely posting on the site in question?

Also, I don't see anyone else using Anonymous. Is it not possible that the Anonymous that posted the comment here may actually be from The Swim Club?

Righteous Rules/Bonnie Williams

Churchill said...

Sad. Sad Sad. Even more troubling is the drama the Wife Bernice Duesler tried to put up. More reason for any black person to double their efforts and be the best they can be in a positive way. Acknowledge that this is the life you face and be strong. Be of of good cheer and courage. Do not shed tears; rather be like a cannon over charged by double cracks and match ahead. Keep your head high and do not ask for pity.

Hadar said...

Unbelievable. Thanks for informing us about this, Tony.