Monday, July 06, 2009

The Mission Viejo Natadores held a great relay meet yesterday

I swam a personal best in the 50-LCM; (:28.4) but I had a rolling start. At 'SPMA Regionals' I am going to try and do a :27.9

Erik, Jenny, Matt, and Arlette set two records but one was DQed. I will post more on this later.

The one on the bottom is me.

The Photos above were taken by Mark Savage Photography. Here is a link toone of his sites: [Link]


Ahelee said...

Thanks so much for coming down for the meet Tony and SCAQ!

Great watching all of you swim and we can not WAIT to see Mark's great photos!

Very much looking forward to seeing the SPMA shine in a new way up in Thousand Oaks at The LC Championships!

Trev said...

Congrats on your swim, Tony!