Tuesday, July 07, 2009

OH NOES! - Garrett McCaffrey is leaving 'Floswimming!'

[UPDATE:] below Garrett's farewell letter is a snippet and a response from Mark Floreani, founder fo Floswimming and other Flo-sports.

This is a disaster and it smells of political nonsense too. It's not hyperbole to say that Garrett created the model that made Floswimming a must-view site. Whoever scoops him up will definitely become a player!

"... As of Monday, July 6th, I no longer work for Floswimming. It's not very easy for me to handle
because for 2 years Floswimming has been my life. Disappointment aside, my objective hasn't changed one bit.

I'm writing this blog to you, the swimming fan, to let you know that I still have every intention of putting myself in the best position to help this sport. The last 2 years have been a swimming education that no one could have received through any kind of curriculum. I've seen our sport from all sides and now more than ever it's a burning passion that I can't imagine a living without. I am a swimming enthusiast for life.

Truth be told, I'm still in a state of shock. I have no idea what Floswimming will become now. I don't know what's in store for me. But I do know that swimming is better off today than it was 2 years ago, and I have no regrets for the time I gave over that period.

I guess we're in a place right now where all we can do is keep swimming.

See you on the pool deck..."


I got this report sent to me at work from Michael B., a SCAQ swimmer, and though it is bad news, many thanks.

Response from Mark Floreani:

Life is full of surprises and we all wish that Floswimming and Garrett could of lasted for a very longtime, but as we all learn, sometimes life does not go as planned. Relationships are hard and we did not see eye to eye on a lot of issues that arose. Everyone felt that this would be better. I know at first this is hard to take, we all got used to Floswimming and Garrett and Garrett and Floswimming, but Floswimming will have to a new chapter. We are ready to turn the page and drive forward. We need your help, we need to find a new person to head Floswimming. The job is fun, but it is by no means easy.


So It appears that there are at least three sides to this dismissal: Garret's, Mark's and finally what really happened. I say that because both of the two are being quite vague and their paragraphs are filled with emotion.


TedBaker said...

Something very weird is going on here. There was a post from Garrett on Floswimming for about 45 minutes... It was up this morning and it's gone now. What happened?

Tony Austin said...

I don't know what happened. I am thinking Nationals might be involved. Also, the fragment I posted is all that is left unless someone posted it to their site.

I havn't checked my other mailbox. If I get a cease and desist I will have to take it down and paraphrase what was said.

Amanda said...

This is ridiculous. He did more substantive interviews than anyone else.

Ahelee said...

Incredibly disappointed with this news from Garrett today.
As much as we like to believe our beautiful sport of swimming looks after its own - it doesn't always.

I agree with Ande.
An individual like Garrett who has consistently demonstrated the love and passion for the sport with hard work and action will only land in a bigger and much better place.
Garrett - don't loose momentum. Find a way to continue the work you love. And keep all of us in the loop so we know how we can help you now and in the coming months.
You are one of a kind and we can't loose you to political BS.

TedBaker said...

Sounds like he got jugged because of some internal issues with Flocast... Some combination of money & ego... Gets everyone eventually. A pity indeed.

Andre said...

You should watch the video with Mark the guy from Flocasts if you already have'nt, he is asking for people to take Garrett's place, I think you should "try out," or at least write about it on your blog to promote awarness.

Tony Austin said...

I am very flattered but I am no Garrett.

They would need someone who would like to travel a lot too.

I am really thinking that they should get a mediator between those two and work their issues out. Floswimming's brand in inextricably tied to Garrett. They really should reconsider.

Trev said...

This is horrible news. Garrett IS Floswimming. I'm sure they'll find a great replacement, but he'll be no Garrett. Whoever gets him next is lucky indeed.

Tim Binning said...

Garrett McCaffrey is back in business at http://www.swimpulse.net and posting interviews from Rome. He'll have some great interviews.

Tony Austin said...

I liked what I saw but I think I am suppose to pretend I didn't see this. Viking said he would write me when it's released.