Monday, November 16, 2009

Wendy walks the plank: She is now an oficial 'Pirate of the Caribbean!'

Arrr, Matey! Six wenches and one land-lubber forced to walk the plank for mutinous behavior! After swimming 3-nautical-miles, they landed in the Cayman islands and now they are official Pirates of the Caribbean. Captain Wendy was one of them!

From 10k swim:

The Pirates Week 5K Sea Swim, scheduled for this past Saturday in the Cayman Islands, was postponed due to the weather. Safety support, sponsor issues, volunteers and swimmer expectations are just a few of the serious concerns organizing committees always face when deciding whether to proceed or cancel under unpredictable conditions - and it is never an easy decision to make or announce.

Unofficially, however, seven swimmers showed up on race morning to do whatever the sea conditions would allow. Rough chop and large swells had calmed considerably overnight, so the locals and visitors enjoyed a combined 2.5K and 5K swim.



Anonymous said...

My first open water race ever was canceled at the last minute due to rough conditions... so naturally a whole bunch of us suited up and went for a swim anyway. This is what snorting pool chemicals up your sinuses for years will do to your brain! :-D

Wendy said...

What a lovely shout out, Tony -- thanks!

I can guarantee I'll be back to try this one again on an "official basis".

Anonymous said...

It's Rada. I'm a long time fan of the Cayman Islands. Wendy, you should look into the Flowers Sea Swim held in June. I go to it every year. Pulls about 700 swimmers and is a great time. :)