Monday, December 28, 2009

G. John Mullen analyzing races better than anybody - Rebeca Soni versus Jessica Hardy!

Coach G. John Mullen over at Swim Science is the future of swim analysis and coaching. He is a doctoral candidate at USC in physical therapy, he coaches weekly and his race analysis and postulates have have lots of math that is both demonstrable and inspiring.

Here is a snippet analysis of Rebeca Soni versus Jessica Hardy:

"... Second 25 meters: Once again, Hardy has a great turn and starts off strong getting to the 15-meter mark .4 seconds faster than Soni, but into the wall she already starts to fade. The last 10-meters into the wall, Hardy's distance per stroke is even with Soni's (1.67 meters/stroke), but her strokes/second (Stroke Rate) begins to fall to .21 strokes/second slower than her first 25 to .89. During this time Soni is steady
sailing continuing her stroke rate around .93 and her distance per stroke at 1.67 meters/stroke.

My overall impression at the first 50 is even though Hardy is ahead by .45 seconds, her slowing speed into the wall is not a good sign for the upcoming 50. ..."

I cornered John at Starbucks yesterday we talked about swimming and blogging. Afterward he pin-pointed muscle groups for me that I need to stretch to improve my streamline. Most or all the coaches I asked about it told m to focus on my shoulders when in reality it is my upper back and pectorals that are causing me the most dificulty in executing a more reasonable streamline.


CW said...

Hey Tony can you share some of those stretches with some of us seriously "streamline challenged swimmers"?

Tony Austin said...

The back one I an not to certain of and I have a question about it so I don't want to share that one yet so that I don't suggest a stretch that could possible injure.

I typed up a stick-man below, if you hold you arm or arms in this position placing the elbow and hand against a wall, a tree or a fixed object, you move your body forward and it stretches your pectorals.

Hold for thirty seconds.

/ \

Ahelee said...

With Jessica traveling the globe for the World Cup meets, I imagine she was not in top form for these Dual in the Pool races. Her $100,000. series win check sure made it worthwhile though.

Most interesting will be the rematch races at the PanPac Championships when everyone is fit again!

Excellent to read John's viewpoint and we appreciate his willingness to share the information with the world.

Happy New Year Tony!