Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joel, 'The 17th Man,' has photos of the new blueseventy goggles!

Joel, at The 17th man, blog has some photos and the complete press release regarding the new blueseventy carbon goggles. Here is a snippet form the press release he posted at his blog:

Seattle, WA – December 15, 2009 – blueseventy, continues to innovate in the goggle category with the introduction of the first-ever carbon goggle for Spring 2010. The sleek carbonRZR offers swimmers all the structural benefits of carbon fiber delivering the lightest, strongest and fastest goggles on the market.

“The carbonRZR represents what blueseventy is all about,” says blueseventy CEO Steve Nicholls. “We believe in crafting the best possible products that combine cutting-edge technology and unmatched comfort so you can get on with what is really important – in the case of goggles, swimming faster and seeing clearly.”

The carbonRZR is made from the latest, technologically advanced Carbon Fiber Polymer (CFP), produced exclusively for blueseventy and hailed as the next step in lightweight engineered polymers. CFP is a high tensile, light weight carbon that is laced with a nylon polyamide compound reinforced with carbon fibers as a reinforcing agent. Carbon fibers are dispersed into the nylon matrix during the manufacturing process. During this process, an extreme burst of heat is applied to the material in a reinforced gravity fed hopper that allows the molten material to be injected under high pressure into frame cavity.

CFP is up to 6 times stronger than polycarbonate, the current standard in aquatic eyewear. In addition, with CFP, the key elements of the goggle are 2.5 times as light as a standard goggle. This represents huge weight reductions and increased comfort without sacrificing strength.

The chart below illustrates how much stronger CFP is to PC. The key comparison is in Flexural Strength. This determines the required strength of the frame.



Anonymous said...

you'll take my swedes when you pop them from my cold, dead eyesockets.

Tony Austin said...

Isn't that how thy usually come off, POP!, "...ahhh my goggle stole my eyeball!"

Merritt Johnson said...

These are the exact google design I have wanted for years. The only thing was that I never though they really made economic sense to make, but good marketing can sell anything apparently, so that means a win for me!

TedBaker said...

Hind Compies. The best goggles ever made or ever to be made.

Mark Savage said...

$100 for goggles?? That's 50 bottles of "$2 buck Chuck" from Trader Joes... just trying to keep things in perspective here.

TedBaker said...

You can get 20(!!) Hind Compy's or one pair of the carbon fiber ones!! Be interesting to see how they do.

Market Research Companies said...

The value of any goggle is not in the strength, why promote carbon's strength advantages over polycarbonate? One errant kick to the eye socket in an open water race & you would wish you had smooth supports on as the annoying swimmer's high heel guides the as well as goggle into your damaged orbital. I am also big on peripheral vision in open water & racing, cannot see through carbon. My last and most critical durability issue with goggles is always the clarity and integrity of the lens. Scratch that lens, ruin the $100 goggles. These have the very same lens material as your $3.50 Swedes. Give me good optics, lots of vision and a safe frame, I am happy. Carbon Fiber Market