Monday, December 21, 2009

Universal Sports : Phelps vs. Cavic in Rome voted most dramatic moment for 2009!

I agree with UNI Sports; Phelps dug deep and it was like seeing "Lazarus rise from the dead" in that race as he came from behind to win.

The Universal Sports article explains why this was voted best dramatic moment of 2009 with lots of flourish and details:

"...You can always tell how the race went and how happy I am just after a race just because of my reaction after it," Phelps told Universal Sports recently. "I went absolutely crazy after that race. I've never celebrated like that before. I took six months off, and being able to be the first person to break 50 [seconds], there was a lot of emotion in that race."


I love this reaction from Phelps too.

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