Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Eamon Sullivan: The most fragile sprinter I have ever seen in this sport.

Eamon Sullivan is having a fifth hip operations? Can you believe that; all of which delivered before the age of 25-years-old? The Sydney Morning Herald has an article about his latest hip issue:

Sullivan's injuries list grew a little longer yesterday when he was forced to undergo hip surgery to repair a labral tear, and to shave the bone, which in turn creates more room in the problem hip joint. It is the fifth time Sullivan has had hip surgery and almost a year to the day since he had the same procedure performed on his left hip.


Dara Torres has gone "under the knife" far to many times as well but I suspect Dara's issues are age related; (Dara is almost two-decades older.)

Eamon Sullivan is only 24-years-old, perhaps that quote in the movie Blade Runner is applicable here: "The candle that burns twice as bright only lasts half as long; and you ahve burned so very, very brightly, Roy."


CW said...

Are hip problems common in swimming sprinters? I am fairly new to swimming and am experiencing hip problems after sprinting.

Tony Austin said...

John Mullen is the person to ask over at Swim Science; the link is in my links column. He is Doctoral Candidate in Physical Therapy over at USC!

My assumption is that someone who is on a national team, Eamon Sullivan, who has access to physical therapists and the very best coaches around, could avoid or devise a way to avoid a hip injury yet he hasn't.

My kick is so anemic that it's probably impossible for me hurt my hips while sprinting -if I did, I would kick less hard.

I am also making a second assumption in regards to both you and Sullivan that technique and Physical therapy can trump hip injury but I am wondering why his is fragile?

Amanda said...

"If I'm being honest, I've got the body of a 40-year-old," he told the Herald during his lead-in to this month's world championships in Rome. "I'm not like other people in this sport who can thrash their bodies week in and week out. I've got to be careful. I've got early arthritis in both my hips, the reason for all the hip surgeries I've had. I just can't recover like I used to, but it's part of the business for me now."


CW said...

I think my injury is due to the start, not with the kick (mine pales in comparison to yours Tony)!

Thanks for the link to John I will give him a try.

Tony Austin said...

If you are who I think you are - you are fast!!! And I like watching you swim. (Say hello to Ahelee?)

Perhaps work on hip flexibility and don't do a track start?

CW said...

It's your Sunday morning lactic lane buddy. And I think your right I'm switching away from the track start. I hope you will be swimming this season it won't be the same without you, already we've lost Mr. Beach.

Tony Austin said...

That was tragic, I still haven't gotten over that. Damn, I wish he could stay. But guess what, I did a site for an Olympian back in Erik's day real cheap and I made him promise he would swim a relay with us. He is swimming with SCAQ now. His has two golds and a silver and he almost beat a fellow by the name of Matt Biondi!

Tony Austin said...

Amanda, this is very sad, he really shouldn't swim then if he is causing this much damage.