Saturday, January 16, 2010

The last day of the "...If technical suits are banned will you still compete at the Masters level?" poll!

Well, so far more than 2/3s of the masters swimmers who took the poll will compete! A very solid majority for sure. Refusing to swim in any USMS event, we have a 17% defection rate. Those that said they would not compete as much come in at 8% and finally 4% do not know what technical-suits, or "tecnical" suits as I spelled it, even are.

The poll is not scientific and was definitely open to gaming the results. Another consideration is that the blog had over 6,224 page views this week yet only 84 passionate swimmers took the poll.

Let's presume that this poll is accurate and let's make another presumption that half the people refusing to swim at USMS events will change their minds and swim an event or two. That leaves us with only a 10% reduction in membership and attendance. Is that even a noticeable difference?

As for me, I voted to compete less. When I started swimming it was Ian Thorpe in a full body suit and Michael Phelps wearing leggings. That is swimming nostalgia for me; not Matt Biondi wearing a brief and no cap. Hence, making me swim like I am at a workout has no romantic appeal for me since my times will be the same and I will lose anyway. ;-)

I have never been involved in a competitive recreation before that makes rules and them changes them every six months depending on who is winning or losing. I will pop up at one or two SPMA Regionals meets with two other people in my life that have demanded I swim a relay with them. If they have a bunch of fun doing it, then they are going to make me show up for a second and a third meet but the fun factor will be the crux!

To fill the swim void, I am choosing to swim more open water events like Alcatraz and La Jolla, A Nautica Tri relay has a nice ring to it and even a solo Tri with some friends. I also admire the USAT governing body who is more technology and fun oriented which is something FINA should look at since triathlons are outpacing swim growth.

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