Wednesday, January 13, 2010

SCAQ Blog Poll: If technical suits are banned will you still compete at the Masters level?

I have posted a poll in the navigation area asking the following questions:

If technical suits are banned will you still compete at the Masters level?
  1. Yes, I will compete - 51%
  2. Yes, but not as much - 8%
  3. No, I will not compete -14%
  4. No, I will swim elsewhere -17%
  5. What are technical suits? - 8%
So far only 36 people have taken the poll even though I have had 3,000 page views during the past three days. I wonder if this sampling will be accurate?

Four more days to go!


Glenn said...

I know it's just a small number, but it's like any other pole. While over 50% seem to be unaffected by the suit ruling, which is cool... as of this morning, I see 37% that are going to change their involvement in Masters swimming because of it.

In my opinion, any business would take a hard look at those numbers.

Tony Austin said...

If it turns out that 1/3-of-the-swimmers want tech suits, why not allow them in Short Course Yards since FINA has nothing to do with that standard anyway?

EricT said...

Where would Masters level swimmers compete if not in Masters competitions? I'm not familiar with any alternatives. What do those who vote they will swim elsewhere have in mind?

Tony Austin said...

There is going to be a weekend meet in Texas where suits will be allowed, there is the LMU event and open water events too. :-)

Erik Sterne said...

There are swimmers that are now using the speed suits in training. Theories abound as to the benefits of using a B70 or similar suit in training. Training in the techie suit was not a good idea in the past, mostly because they were not durable for everyday use and they were special, to be used only for important meets where everyone else was wearing similar swimwear.

I don't have figures, but it is a fact here in Pacific Masters Swimming, the number of fitness/non competitive masters has always been greater than the masters who compete.