Sunday, January 03, 2010

This 'Photoshop' rendition of Michelangelo's Pieta is a tech-suit allegory!

I was going to do an article titled: Death of the Tech-suit for a sports-oriented print publication but the condition that I placed upon the editor was that I got to do the artwork for the article. Obviously, My proposal didn't fly - they wanted the article only! So I submitted the idea to a second who had both an online and print source and though they too agreed to publish the article, the art was off limits; it was way to hot a concept.

The idea was this: Two models with swimming experience were going to recreate Michelangelo's Pieta underwater with bubbles coming out of the dead son's mouth. the Madonna was going to be wearing orange blue and the dead son a tech suit to be determined. One company expressed interest.

Above is a simple Photoshop doodle or a simple sketch I was going to send out to a well known videographer who was both excited and willing to photograph the concept for me. Models were selected, a dive tank chosen, we were so close and it all started with this sketch I did some months ago.

It's an allegorical concept for I believe tech-suits will "rise from the dead." It won't be this year or probably not next year but it is my belief that when the age-groupers replace the boomers as a deciding authority, they will be back and so will swimming!