Friday, April 02, 2010

The 'Apple iPad' is going to sell 7.1-million units in 2010 and why is that important to swim bloggers like me?

Selling 7.1-million units of an electronic device may not be a change in momentum and/or an advantage in the marketplace but doubling that figure to 14.4-million units in the hands of the public just a year later definitely is.

The Apple iPad cannot read Flash. If my blog is going to be iPad friendly by the end of the year, any videos I link to really should not be in the Adobe Flash format. Most of the You Tube videos I link to are in the Flash format.

If you upload videos to a particular site such as You Tube, or my favorite video sharing site, Blip.TV, please upload them in either the HTML5 format or the H.264 format.

From Electronista:

Apple could sell as many as 7.1 million iPads in 2010 alone, iSuppli estimated today. Analysts believed that a strong wave of early adopters and those simply drawn to a tablet design should be enough to push millions of iPads each quarter this year. It would be enough to at least temporarily overcome the lack of Adobe Flash and could actually be conservative if Apple upgrades features or cuts prices quickly, the study creators said.



Anonymous said...

why not making a ipad/iphone/ipod app?..... :)


Trev said...

If the videos are YouTube, iPad will be able to play them just fine. Unfortunately, can't say the same for most other flash widgets...