Sunday, April 11, 2010

French Nationals are this week! - I may launch a new website to cover it!

Above is a billboard in San Rafael, France promoting French Nationals; the photo was delivered to me via iPhone.

Some of you may not have known but I am working a building second website that would be more news oriented and even something more that I can't tell you about yet.

I have been getting some amazing suggestions from other swim bloggers and I am trying to implement them. My time-line is to release the site before summer and do a kick-butt job covering US Nationals. I plan on sending 3-photographers down to cover Nationals. Lead photographer will be celebrity photographer Mark Savage.

With French Nationals this week, I am considering doing a soft launch because the new site can handle far more photos then this site can.

I will still continue to maintain this blog since this is where I will be able to express myself as myself with no outside interests. I will still accept no advertising here at the SCAQ blog, accept no gifts, no favors or free food.

The new site, if all goes as planned will feature professional content, lots of media and best of all, user submitted content since I have always believed that my readers are smarter than I am.


Scott said...

Best of luck on your new website Tony. Sounds very impressive. Perhaps I could contribute an article from time to time on subjects of interest to you - that's assuming I can meet your editorial standards of course!

Tony Austin said...

Of course... I am creating guidelines such as the writer accepts moral responsibility and what to give in exchange if the article rocks.