Friday, May 28, 2010

Chuck Wielgus just called the unwashed bloggers and news people "lazy analysts"

Here is what he said to AP:

"There are far too many people today who make a lazy analysis about something that happened some time ago, or didn't happen some time ago," he said. "Do you think the guys at BP who were in that meeting and talked about having the right amount of control over the mouth of that pipe, do you think they have a different opinion that they had five weeks ago? That's human nature."

Wielgus said too many critics have characterized the organization as "irresponsible, and we have not been irresponsible. I think that stinks. I really do."

"In a way, I hate to say this, but there may be some fated reason why USA Swimming was put in this position, because we have the commitment and wherewithal not to shy away from an issue, to embrace an opportunity to make things better," he added.


Here is my analysis on how USA Swimming does business:


USA Swimming
has been in disarray starting in the Spring of 2008 and continuing on till today.

First, USA Swimming was sued by TYR for anti-trust violations and though the case was dropped, the Judge did acknowledge wrongdoing but since TYR was unable to show any sort of monetary damage as a result of their behavior, the trial did not go to court.

Next, we had the "Tara Kirk incident:" A breastroker who missed out on being rightfully placed onto the 2008 US Olympic team after Jessica Hardy flunked her doping test.

Apparently USA Swimming did not project manage the timing correctly to ensure that all drug tests would be completed in time to sort out who would or should be placed on the US Olympic team. When, Jessica Hardy, failed her test, the rules stated that Tara Kirk move up one position and be placed on the team but USA Swimming would not comply.

Now, we are witnessing the sex scandals and consequently somewhere around five lawsuits to defend. The USOC has now gotten involved after accusations from former USA Swimming Vice President, Mike Saltzstein, and Coach Ken Stopkotte, who have filed a complaint with the organization stating that USA Swimming plays favorites, suppresses descent, and denies work to those that criticize the organization.

The USOC is now drawing up best practices guidelines as to how children should be protected an other guidelines. What do you think would happen if a professional sports organization made this many mistakes?


Anonymous said...

We need British reporter Mazher Mahmood to cover this. He will find out exactly whats going on.

Anonymous said...

Its time to Chuck, Chuck!

Anonymous said...

Chuck, Chuck and along with him send Craig Lord and his rants that are unfounded and fortunately for him and his friend Portas he runs a site that is totally free from public opinion. The sport is corrupt, managed with agenda and here for certain parties to make monies.

Oh! and please drop Mr Leonard in with everyone else being kicked out, he runs a monopoly and the powers at USA Swimming should give approval to others rather than this solus independent money making group A$CA

Great to have this site and your new one that will at least allow opinion.

Tony Austin said...

The new site will allow public opinion on the news stories. A$CA is a non-profit but I understand why people don't realize this for they don't include their tax information or 501c on their site which I believe they could be fined for. I will check into that.

Anonymous said...

My response to what would USA Swimming do if they were a real corporation(you asked in one of your recent posts), was that it would have to change its initials to BP(which stands for Bad Publicity as well as British Petroleum)and then it would lobby congress to put a cap on its liability...

Scott said...

Congratulations Tony! You know you've hit your mark when the target yelps and actually points his finger at you being the culprit. What with USOC now stepping in you've joined a very, very rare group of people - those who've actually made a difference in this world.

Give yourself a pat on the back and don't ever stop fighting for what you think is right.

Tony Austin said...

I think the credit should go to Associated Press and the famous quote of the week from a coach who I can't mention who said: "Who is Chris De Santis?"

Scott said...

Thanks for the reference to deSantis - I had lost track of him when I stopped visiting Floswimming. Even so there are plenty of kudos to pass around. I'm sure there are many, many individuals who've made a stink about what was happening at USA Swimming that also deserve credit for making this happen.

P.S. Get a few tens of millions more activists and you might even change the country itself for the better.

Tony Austin said...

10,000 people with $2,000 each could put a congressman or even a senator into office.

Getting back to the USOC, I suspect when the discovery phase of the lawsuits occurs, I bet USOC puts some pressure on USA Swimming.