Thursday, May 06, 2010

ESPN: "Outside the Lines - Swimming's dirty little secret"

ESPN: Swimming's dirty little secret:

Swim Scandal This week, USA Swimming's board of directors approved a seven-step plan to combat a sexual abuse problem that has been going on for decades: predatory coaches having sexual relationships with their under aged athletes. Sunday on "Outside the Lines," T. J. Quinn examines this issue by speaking with victims and a former coach, who is now serving a 40-year sentence after being convicted on 20 counts of molestation.

VIDEO - [Link]
Speaking of which, Have any of you read the 7-point action plan devised by USA Swimming to protect youngsters and coaches?, do you feel USA Swimming is addressing this issue fully and completely? I would put a poll up but I fear it would be "gamed."

I personally do not think they have. USA Swimming is a 31-million dollar organization and an organization with that much income should be ale to assemble a batallion of lawyers, a platoon of child care specialists, and squad of law enforcement professionals so as to bang something out immediately, even if it is a temporary fix, within weeks even just to demonstrate that they are trying rather than being forced to react. In fact, that it took lawyers and TV producers to get them to act reactively rather than proactively.

Andrew King was arrested about one year ago. Since April 20th, the day they announced an action plan, two TV news documentaries have been produced, another couple lawsuits have been added, and I am hearing rumors of a third media extravaganza is underway.

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