Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Home page screen shot of the new swimming news site I am building - It is still a work in progress and I need your help!

This is a partial screen shot of the layout which is now finished. The secondary pages look amazing but I need help with some input such as what categories should I put into the new site. Categories such as: Masters Swimming, Platform Diving, etc. etc.

Also, I have said so many times before in the comments section that the SCAQ blog readers are for more knowledgeable than I am, and consequently, I want your voice. What sort of section do you want? Le me explain, I want in some way to allow user submitted content. What are your thoughts on that or what are your thoughts in general?

If you notice, Glenn Mill is the Swim Technique adviser to the site and he will hook us up with drills and short blasts of aquatic info. I am very flattered that I was able to talk him into it. His input and endorsement will make the site great.

I pulled off another coup which I can talk about is a few weeks.

I will start posting more screen shots as the site gets more fleshed out. I am looking forward to hearing what you would like it to be.


Anonymous said...

This is extremely excellent. Looking forward to seeing more of this ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Tony:

Really surprised that a high tech swimsuit guy like you, would use such a low tech approach when it comes to swimming technique.


Glenn said...

Ahhhh. Another case of "internet brave". The coward posts, then runs. Pretty funny.

Tony Austin said...

Was that you Craig? Glenn Mills is a suit guy as well.

Miamidiver06 said...

Is it called Touchpad? I'm trying to read through the blur.

The layout looks great, very clean and orderly. As much as I would like to see a complete category breakdown for diving - I think just a "diving" section would suffice as a catch-all for Olympic diving and Cliff Diving (and Splashdiving if you want to cater to the German daredevil audience).

Just please please don't put diving under "other"!

Tony Austin said...

Diving is good then. I will add a diving section and add Red Bull stuff and platform as well.

Glenn said...

LOVE THE SUITS (and will miss them).

Just got my new Blueseventy wetsuit for the 4.5 mile Bay swim for next month, and a great Blueseventy Jammer for my 10 miler in July. But I'm sure Anonymous will have something bad to say about that because I shouldn't do what I want, I should do what he/she wants (who could tell, not brave enough to sign their name). ;)

Bill Ireland said...

Where is the humor section? Stuff like, did you know that Alaska now has 5 separate open water swims, including one that takes place in North Pole, Alaska.

Or did you see who Clay was with last Saturday--I guess its true that eyesight and memory are the first things to go.


(the first is true, the second is not true to my knowledge).

Tony Austin said...

I will call the Clay section "Dinner with Clay"

Chris DeSantis said...





Tony Austin said...

HAHAHAAHA, that was funny.

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