Monday, May 24, 2010

I am electrified by these 'aqua forest aquariums"

In most aquariums you might a plastic, sunken, ship and cheesy deep-sea, diver blowing bubbles out his mask. These Aquariums make both the "living terrain" and the fish the focal point rather than $1.99 castle and sea shell.

Ultimately, the tank itself is actually a garden that the fish swim around and exist in it making it an "aqua forest".

I found these images a Aqua Forest Aquariums:

About Aqua Forest Aquarium:

AFA (Aqua Forest Aquarium) is a unique retail aquarium store owned by Archaea Int'l Corp.

AFA is the first aquarium store in US dedicated to Nature Aquarium Style concept. We have the largest selection of aquatic plants in the San Francisco Bay Area, excellent selection of fresh water tropical fish, and carries full line aquarium supplies. Whether or not you are a hobbyist, come visit our store to enjoy yourself with our 6 nature aquarium display tanks and discover the limitless world of Nature Aquarium.

[Link] Here is a link to the gallery: [Link]

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