Saturday, May 15, 2010

I salute, Garrett Weber-Gale's, parents who believed they should never leave their son and daughter alone at the pool!

Associated Press ran an article entitled: "Sexual abuse cases put swimming on the defensive", with numerous quotations from both our elite swimmers and coaches participating in the Charlotte UltraSwim.

I commend Garrett Weber-Gale's parents who insisted that one or the other be present on deck during a workout.

From Paul Newberry at Associated Press quoting Garrett Weber-Gale:

"My parents never left my sister and I at the pool by ourselves with the coach," he said. "You don't really know who these coaches are, and you're going to leave your kids there alone for two of three hours? They're just kids. Anything could be going on."


A no "one-on-one" policy for kids under 18-years-old is a sublime idea and should be embraced by USA Swimming. It doesn't have to be a parent but a parent is best. Both, Garrett Weber-Gale, and his parents got it right.

Craig Lord, covered this story in his blog, Swim News, and cited the Associated Press article but changed both the title and premise and then copy/pasted every single quote therein thereby repackaging or creating a disturbing spin of Mr. Newberry's premise.

The original title of the Associated Press article: Sexual abuse cases put swimming on the defensive versus the, Craig Lord, title: US Elite Speak On Abuse Claims, is not only an inaccurate title but insinuates that the sexual abuse crimes committed on USA Swimming affiliated swimmers were simply claims, not crimes.

Also, I find it sketchy that he copy/pasted every single quote from the article but never provided the actual link or an explanation as to why he was allowed to do that to Associated Press.

Featured above is Garrett Weber-Gale promoting good grocery selection. I am told he is quite a chef. Would love to see him on Food Network as his second act post London.


Mark Gale said...

Ha...!!! Coaches weren't always so happy back in the day when Garrett's mom hung around. Thanks for the comment. Cheers, Mark (Garrett's dad)

BTW, keep up with Garrett at

Tony Austin said...

I will put his site in the links column tomorrow and check in from time to time. :-)

Garret served his country as an Olympian and now he will teach America the fine art of living right. i.e. exercise and good food.

Boy, you guys hit a home run with him.

If he has a press release he wants to run, I will definitely run it. Thank you for writing in. I will check the site often.

Anonymous said...

i totally disagree, when your a coach and you parent standing around that is so distracting. Plus it show parent have no respect for the coach. If you don't trust then go to other place. Parent who always around is bossy, honestly all coach hate parent is around. If u do wana be around then stand far away

Tony Austin said...

I don't believe every single parents has "little league" syndrome. the ones that do should have their child removed removed from participating till a code of conduct is in place.

The purpose for a parent or two being on deck is to protect both the child and coach from false allegations or inappropriate behavior. It also prevents punishment sets, hazing and ensures the child will behave and be well mannered or face the "wrath" of their parent on the drive home.

I would have no problem with Mr. Mark Gale creating or suggesting child protection policies to USA Swimming.

Anonymous said...

Craig Lord, like all professional journalists (and I am one and have worked with Lord), has access to agency copy through subscription to that service: they are allowed to use the material. In my experience, Lord almost always notes the source, as he did with AP. With agency copy, there may be no link to give, or at least there may be very many links to give, with newspapers the world over able to access and use AP copy (and many do so without noting the source).

Tony Austin said...

I can provide dozens of exampes where quotes from Ap and does not cite.