Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Triathlete attacked by alligator! - Elbow to the head ends the bout and awarding the triathlete with a technical knockout.

The 8-foot long alligator, like the one featured above, attacked, Doug McCard, in Moss Park lake located in southeast Orange County, Florida. The attack occurred during a open water workout in a lake that he had been swimming in since he was 5-years old.

Apparently what rats are to New York, alligators are to Gulf coast states. (I will take sharks and earthquakes over alligators and hurricanes.)

Turn on your southern accent when you read this quote from the article:
“We heard him screaming and yelling, and we looked up, and he was thrashing in the water,” said Rex Jones, who witnessed the attack. “I don’t think the alligator actually ever rolled with him, but he was able to break free -- but when he was coming up, you could tell he was attacked, because he was bleeding pretty good from his chest.”

An elbow to the alligator's head ending the struggled and McCard probably had to have one heck of an antibiotic cocktail at the hospital he was at.

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