Friday, June 25, 2010

I am no Michael Phelps and Michael Phelps is no Richard Abrahams or Robert Strand!

That is Rich Abrahams above and you can tell it is a recent photo of him since he is wearing a tech suit. That man is 65-years-old and he can swim a 50-LCM free in 25.23. His short course yards time is a 22.10! Michael Phelps won't be swimming that fast at 65-years-old.

Robert Strand is another swimmer who was probably grown in military grade laboratory. He too will be there educating you on all things about health and success in Masters swimming.

His lastest accomplishments were breaking his own SCM world records in breastroke at the SPMA SCM Championships in Long Beach, last Dec., lowering all three of his records for the 4th year in a row, including breaking his own national record in 100 yd. breastroke at USMS Nationals in Atlanta going a 1:05.17 at 64-1/2-years old breaking his previous record that was set at age 60.

His latest breaststroke effort was a 1:15.4 in the 62-year-old age group.

Between Richard Abrahams & Robert Strand are 100 Masters world records and 150 national records. These guys are the "Shaolin Temple masters" of Masters swimming and they are inviting you to their "Shaolin Monastery"; (perhaps your local pool but on July 18th it will be the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center), where they will teach you how to excel and how to maintain performance despite aging.

Here is what their promo has to say:

Super Sessions Clinic with Strand/Abrahams, July 18th

On July 18th at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center, Rich Abrahams and Bob Strand will be hosting their inaugural Super Sessions Clinic, that will concentrate on the "preparation and execution" of your prime race objective. It will feature pool race work, starts, and turns with video and dry land session. Between Bob and Rich, they have set over 100 Masters World Records and 150 National Records.

Each swimmer will get a cap and goggles, plus a 30% discount off FINA approved suits, thanks to sponsor Blue Seventy.

For further information contact Bob Strand at:

This clinic is sanctioned by SPMA, and current USMS membership is required.


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WOW< I have been making that typo for a long time. Its official: I am still an idiot.

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65 years old?! Unbelievable. More proof, Tony: "Show me a swimmer who's 60 and he'll look like he's 40..."