Monday, July 19, 2010

Deepwater Horizon Info Graphic

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Trev said...

Scary statistics. Here's another way to be part of the solution -

Anonymous said...

This oil spill is larger than the Exxon spill - and it's still uncapped:

This is why "outsourcing" oil production will increase environmental problems. About 85% of the world's oil is controlled not by Big Oil like BP, but by state-owned oil companies like the one that is running the Chinese well or the Mexican well that blew out in the gulf about 10 years ago and spilled almost as much as the BP well ...

Tony Austin said...

You're argument is almost bullet proof. I agree outsourcing will only outsource US pollution to other countries thereby protecting the environment even less, Nonetheless, oil companies will still outsource even if the United States gave free reign of all it's oil reserves. There just isn't enough surplus of oil for companies to be picky where they drill. Hence they drill in political poop-holes all over creation.

in fact, I understand that Nigeria has been suffering a disaster after the disaster with accidents the size of the Deep water Horizon fiasco for decades.

It's my experience that individuals, groups, and countries only change when they have to or when it's do or die! they never seem to change as a preemptive action.

I suspect we will never get off oil in our life times despite that a shoulder to shoulder effort could find something better.