Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dita Von Teese to be the "American Ambassador" for Perrier Water!

Perrier Dita RollDice
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Dita Von Teese is an American burlesque artist, model, and actress. She began performing burlesque in 1993, and typically incorporates a large martini glass as the signature feature in her shows. Fascinated by 1940s Hollywood cinema, Von Teese is noted for her glamorous appearance and classic retro style, largely inspired by both 1940's and 1950's glamour models, she has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines. She also has done catwalk modeling and appeared in numerous music videos. - [source Wikipedia]

The commercial above features no nudity whatsoever; there is more nudity is an episode of Bay Watch from the 1990's then then these commercials provide but they are certainly sexy enough to merit the NSFW; (Not Safe For Work), warning.

Wow, what an artist!

Perrier is finally admitting that they are a masculine brand. I guess they will leave Avian and Fiji to the girls. As for me, I like to mix Perrier with chocolate milk: 1-part chocolate milk to 2-parts Perrier. There is nothing so very boss as chocolate milk with bubbles in it. I think they called that an "egg cream" in New York about a 1/2 century ago.

Here is the French blog, Viacomit with links, postcards, images and even more movies of, Dita von Tesse, being very creative with Perrier:

Après “Paparazzi” l’édition limitée de l’été signé Perrier avec Dita Von Teese. Perrier revient pour une nouvelle campagne avec son égérie dans un site 100% interactif. Sur ce site la marque nous invite à rejoindre Dita dans son manoir baptisé “Perrier Mansion” pour une expérience sensuelle, pétillante et unique. Dans dans “la Chambre secrète” Dita prend la pose et l’internaute s’improvise photographe, il suit des yeux Dita, déclenchant à sa guise l’appareil depuis son clavier…. Dita l’invite ensuite à jouer aux “Dès du plaisir”, il faudra beaucoup de dextérité et de chance toutes les facettes de la reine du burlesque… vient enfin la « Leçon de séduction », durant laquelle Dita se dévoile dans un show très glamour et complice avec l’internaute.



phonon56 said...

There is nothing so very boss as chocolate milk with bubbles in it.

Very Nice Lingo. I will have to try it...even though I am a girl.

Bill Ireland said...

I'm not sure that the advertisement is intended to market the product only to men--this is 2010. They are trying to sell glamour and sophistication--in today's market, I think high end burlesque is supposed to do that. Drink Perrier, and you will seem glamorous, sophisticated, sexy and somehow being French/continental/European ties into all that.

Tony Austin said...

Yeah, just like me, huh? I mean us! ;-)

You're right, She is a snappy dresser.