Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's open water time so let's make sharks look cuddly, fun and ridiculous!

Shark Week celebrated by the Discovery Channel on some building in Maryland. The site is in French so I am unclear on whose building it is. [Link]

A movie producer who now distributes movies once told me that if I ever want to get some sage advice on how to get a movie made, find a producer who regularly gets really bad movies made for cheap and then widely distributed. He says getting a good movie distributed is rather easy but getting a bad movie distributed that was made for nothing that really smelled up the place is true craftsmanship.

He is absolutely right, perhaps SyFy's: Sharktopus qualifies?

Patricia Walker has some serious knitting ability along with some serious issues. Her knitting gallery is both macabre and displays extreme craftsmanship [Link]

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