Thursday, August 05, 2010

USA Swimming is doing a masterful job at 2010 Nationals!

The event is going so smoothly and so professionally I am told that it indeed surpasses such Hollywood Events as the American Film Market, The Cannes Film Festival, or even the Academy Awards. Event planners take notice on how to get it right.

Mark Savage is down in US Swimming Nationals doing photography for both Corbis and the my various web projects and even though he is loudly connected to this blog and the soon to be released,, USA Swimming officials are treating him with sublime respect litterally making sure he is well fed and watered up despite my criticisms of the organization.

Mark tells me the atmosphere down there is electric. Obviously the best swim talent in the United States has gathered and 99.9% of the athletes are displaying no egos whatsoever; (the .01% person knows who they are), Aaron Piersol recognized Mark and said hello; (Mark did a photo shoot with him in 2000). Ryan Lochte was gracious and let Mark snap a head shot and Lochte was surprised that he even asked for permission. (Mark says he looks ripped and displayed massive torque during the 400 IM.)

With all these good vibes and great swims, Mark has decided to include doing USA Swimming Meets to his Corbis portfolio along with his movie star work.

I suggested to Mark that he offers his services to regular losers like me to come and out and shoot us. He said he would love to. He said grab a pool, a starting block and he would photograph swimmers for a nominal fee.


L. Stephens said...

I was there for a few days as a fan and I, too, was impressed by the professionalism and the whole "vibe." Considering a lot of it was being run by volunteers I thought they did a great job. I've been very critical of USA Swimming as an organization for a few months myself over one specific issue but they put together an event that really did the sport proud.

Anonymous said...

Now I want to know who the 0.01% of athlete is. It's like Keri-Anne Payne saying on TV that there are 'rumours' about Pellegrini's withdrawal from the 400m in the Europeans but then Payne wouldn't say what.

Tony Austin said...

No, it's not Keri and I couldn't talk Mark into letting me publish the photo and this little tantrum this particular person had of being photographed while they were sitting in the stands.

Anonymous said...

The comment didn't say it was Keri. She isn't even American and is an open-water swimmer.

Tony Austin said...

ok, I got it now.