Monday, August 30, 2010

'USA Today' : On-the-rise Ryan Lochte could soon glide past Michael Phelps

USA Today on how motivated Lochte is:

"I'm definitely eating healthier," he says, noting that he has more pasta, fruit, vegetables and lean meats.

"After eating a good meal, I'm just happy. It relates to my swimming. I'm having more than just a couple good practices in a row. I'm having a week where practices are unbelievable, and I think it's due to my diet."

It all could lead to an unbelievable story line in London, with Lochte overshadowing Phelps, who won a record eight golds in Beijing.

"I'm going to race as many events as I physically, possibly can," Lochte says of the 2012 Games. "Nine would be really nice. We'll see."

Whatever he is eating, or however he is dieting, I would buy that cookbook... Did you hear that Octagon? Make an "informercial" please.

On what Michael Phelps had to say on the 400 IM:

But encouraged by his mother, his coach and by the current times in the event (Lochte's winning time in the 400 IM in nationals was more than six seconds off Phelps' world record), Phelps is keeping an open mind about whether to swim it at the 2012 Olympics in London.

"I don't think I'm in the best shape I could be to swim that race how I want to," he says of his prospects for Thursday, "but I think it's a good opportunity to see if that could be an event that could still be in the program for the next two years."


Lochte and Phelps - one is talking the potential of going for 9-freaking-medals and the other is not really prognosticating or playing his cards close to his chest.


Anonymous said...

Have you read comments too? One says it all: "Phelps will let him win until the 2012 Olympics."

Seriously, man. You need to let go. You've become kinda obsessed with Phelps and his lack of workout.

Anonymous said...

Lochte hasn't been managed by Octagon since 2008. I believe he announced the November of that year that he had signed with PMK, but I don't know if he's still with them, since I believe that agency imploded about a year ago. They didn't seem to do much for him other than get him to a few red carpets to schmooze. He's managed by entertainment lawyer Erika Wright now, I believe, and has a few other people helping with his career. According to GMM, Lochte has 3 projects in the works. Hopefully they work out!

As far as Phelps is concerned, he and his management team have ALWAYS played their cards close to their chests. It hasn't mattered what stage of training he's in or how his career in the pool has been going, they don't reveal their intentions.

Tony Austin said...
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Tony Austin said...

I recommend, Swimming World, or the USMA message board is pretty good.

Tony Austin said...

Anon 3, thanks for the update. my bad.

Anonymous said...

This is getting lamer and lamer. Really? Is 6 Pan Pac medals anywhere near the equivalent of getting 6 Olympic medals? Not a chance in hell. Ryan is a fantastic swimmer, and swimming well but his success this summer is not even a fraction of what Phelps has achieved in the last 10 years.

Tony Austin said...

Anon - who wrote "lamer & lamer..." : Perception is reality, and that is my perception too: Lochte is working harder and harder.

hoipolloi said...

My favorite race ever was Phelps/Lochte in the 400 IM at the 2008 Olympic trials. That race showed the potential for a real rivalry. The emergence of Lochte in 2010 cements it. I'm glad the media is focusing on it. If someone, especially another American, has a legitimate shot at taking Phelps down people will get excited. The potential losses are as compelling as the potential wins. None of this takes away from either Phelps or Lochte, it makes swimming more exciting.

Anonymous said...

Lochte could take the 200/400 IM in London.

He's got a very good chance in the 200 bk, and even in the 100 bk.

If he wins the 100 bk, he's got a spot on the 4x100 medley.

His 200 fr is looking very strong, as so is his 100 fr. - quite possibly a spot on the 4x100 fr relay and definitely on 4x200 fr relay, too.

I think this reference to his diet is quite interesting. I read somewhere(can't remember where because I read so many articles about these guys) that Lochte said his diet during the 2008 Olympics was crap. Could some of his defeats to Phelps be attributed to a poor diet?

Lochte is just plain motivated. There is no such thing as off-year for him. He does his job, and he does it well with great enthusiasm and charisma.

I think it was Schubert(or another top USA coach) that said Lochte was one of the best things that could happen for Phelps.

TedBaker said...

Tony - Perception is not reality. Perception is perception and reality is reality. That's why they are two different words.

Perception - Ryan Lochte, because he has done very well at PanPacs- which, while it is a large and important meet, is not anywhere near as important as Worlds or even 1/4 as important as the Olympics - is going to beat Michael Phelps in a year in an event (400 IM) that he said he'd never swim again after Beijing. (Don't blame him, FYI, 400 IM is a full-on beatdown.)

Reality - Phelps is taking a down year to ensure he stays fresh and motivated for meets that really matter, that is Worlds and the Olympics. In his down year, where he's training at about 40 to 50% capacity, (His and Bowman's words: I wouldn't put it past either of 'em to be sand-bagging a bit.) he's gone 48.13 in the 100 free, 50.56 in the 100 fly and 1:54.11 in the 200 fly, all of which are - at the time of this post - fastest in the world this year. He's top 5 in the 200 free and top 2 in the 200 IM. That's reality. That's going some, son. That's sending a message to the assembled, loud and damm clear. He gets going - and he will - this fall and winter, he'll crush the pack next year. Bet on it.

As to the 400 IM, if he's serious about the 100 free and racing with Bernard, the other French guys, Cielo and Hayden, he'll drop it. Two totally different energy systems required.

If I'm guessing right, his programme in 2011 will be 100 and 200 free, 100 and 200 'fly, 200 IM and the relays. Depending on how it goes in Shanghai, he'll go the same in London. That's 8 again. He does that, he moves from legend to myth.

Tony Austin said...

That was so very boss, I agree.

Tony Austin said...

I want that diet too, you know it has be totally health smart.

Tony Austin said...


I agree, he can't be Phelps and win in the 100 free too. Also, for people on this thread, searches for Phelps versus Lochte to this site have Phelps beating Lochte handily.

"... Tony - Perception is not reality. Perception is perception and reality is reality. That's why they are two different words. ..."

Yeah, tell that to a woman. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Lochte reportedly ate McDonalds all the time during Beijing. I mean... OK, I know Ryan is very popular and an excellent swimmer but I don't see how he's any better a role model. I'm gunning for Michael. :D

Tony Austin said...

Roll Model? I never used that phrased. Lochte is definitely more motivated than Phelps. I wonder if Phelps will make it to 2012 or if he will pull a Ian Thorpe and retire.

Bill Ireland said...

Lochte has a chance to swim well in London--but if he goes for 9 events and the relays, he's only going to regret it. There are too many races--Phelps schedule at Beijing was insane(17 swims). Lochte is going to be 27--he shouldn't be talking about 9 races--he should be focusing on winning some races, which he really hasn't done very often. Over his career, he has mostly lost the big swims. He has a very good chance of winning the IMs, and the 200 Back, and being on a couple relays at London. But over-reaching because he envies Phelps' accomplishments and fame really isn't a good strategy. Having said that, good luck to him--he's had some misfortune to be in the same era as Phelps and Piersol.

Tony Austin said...

In other words he should aim to become the next "Matt Biondi" rather than Michael Phelps 2.0?

I have to agree. All or nothing is a harsh strategy.

Anonymous said...

"I have to agree. All or nothing is a harsh strategy."

Yet you say of Phelps that he should be a superhero or quit..

Tony Austin said...

You twist my words.

My criticisms were abut how he is conducting his business and his lack of control of what is being said about him by Bob Bowman and his own mouth.

My words also addressed that he is degrading those that beat him or lose to him when he qualifies how unprepared he is.

If Phelps hates his job, as he seems to imply, he should quit.

If he wants to take a break, he should take a break, but he should realize that when he opens his mouth millions of words are going to be written and if he wants those words to be excuses and how unprepared he is, sponsors and potential sponsors are going to be hearing that he may be a chancy investment.

Ashley said...

I saw this amazing fishing and it was unbelievable. You have to give it Lochte, he's doing something right. And I believe him when he says that it's probably his diet. I changed my diet to a much healthier one for 3 weeks and shrunk down to string bean. I'm sure it's a combination of weight loss and muscle build. Congrats to Lochte! Phelps is amazing and I'm sure now he will just push himself even further.

Kate said...

Tony, you seem to be interested in swimmers, their PR, and their endorsements. Stephanie Rice used hate speech on her Twitter and as a result has lost her endorsement deal with Jaguar. Now that is a PR "crisis."

Tony Austin said...

I had no idea that happened if I knew I would have loved to talked about it.

WHat did she say?

Tony Austin said...

I just read what she said, what an incompetent ass! - She obviously has no self-control whatsoever or any clue about the concept of consequences. Now she is going to learn.

I don't care that she had her gay, diver, friend, of two years say she is not homophobic. She may or may not be homophobic but one thing is for certain, calling a group of people "f*ggots" as a insult certainly denotes what she feel as about gay behavior for she found it quite acceptable to use in a mass communication application known as Twitter.

Thank you for the lead, I am going to post it now.


Anonymous said...

So-called "entertainment lawyer" Erika Wright is as sleazy as it gets, you know. If he's using her he's in big, big trouble.