Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Glenn Mills makes smart phones even smarter: Updates Go Swim iPhone app and submits the GoSwim app to the Android marketplace! - Get his app NOW!

Glenn Mills' presentation of the finest swimmers displaying the more refined technique of our day is unmatched. Now available on both the iPhone, iPod Touch and the new Android smart phone. The first screen-shots above are of the iPhone/ iPod Touch interface, the fourth one is the Android.

From Goswim:

We've spent some time restructuring our app with swimmers and coaches in mind, and we'll be continuing to put new materials within the app. The big news of this latest update (which isn't really an update in the sense that you have to go to the iTunes store and redownload... it'll just happen), is that we've added categories.

Categories, as simple as it sounds, will make it so much easier for you to get to videos, pictures, and news stories much quicker. For swimmers this means a couple quick clicks and you'll be watching a video on the freestyle catch, or an image of Brendan Hansen's head position as he starts his pull. It's all in there already, we've just make it much easier for you to get to.

In addition, the news section is also revamped. With quick access to your favorite swimming news sites like Swimming World, Swimnetwork, and USA Swimming, as well as our favorite swimming blogs, and of course, quick access to ongoing discussions here on, as well as all our regular posts.

We've also submitted this same app to the Android marketplace and will hopefully be hearing good news in the next few days.

What do you have to do to get this update? If it doesn't show up automatically, make sure the app is shut down (if you're running software that allows for multitasking), then restart your device. The next time you start up the app, the new features should show up.

For a direct link to the iTunes app store for details:


For Android Store info:


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