Thursday, September 30, 2010

Retractable fins- perhaps a great lifeguard aid?

From at Here are some notes from the designer:

  • Carbon fiber blades provide increased propulsion over current rubber fins.
  • Elastomer blade covers direct water over the blades ensuring maximum control in the water.
  • The retraction system is unique offering the lifeguard improved flexibility, control and speed throughout the rescue process.The two products can be separated, ensuring maximum comfort when a rescue is not in progress.
  • 10% glass filled Nylon 66 body moldings provide the required flexibility and spring when running but stiffness when swimming.
  • The fin module heel clip system is quickly adjustable for different sizes from 5-13 (UK) and holds the shoe securely in place.
  • The fin module is easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Design development and testing alongside the Royal National Lifeboat Association (RNLI) and Loughborough Lifesaving Club.

Designer: Edward Shelton

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phonon56 said...

NO MORE FINS!!!! I swam at culver on a friday morning and 10 out of 12 people were wearing fins. They acted like they were all getting a workout. They did not respect the intervals, so it was a full on 'taste your breakfast' workout when I actually needed to swim more than 1 hour.
NO MORE FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not in the ocean, not in the pool, not watching oprah. DAHHHH!