Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Ian Thorpe for the BBC on "Original G" - Geoff Huegill

What a terrific article this is, one of the greatest Australian swimmer ever praising not what Geoff Huegill has accomplished in the pool but rather what he has accomplished for himself and others.

Ian Thorpe writing for the BBC:

"... He suffered a lot of jabs and jeers from the media when he put on the weight but, when he decided to do something about it, he had a lot of support. Initially, people were asking 'how are you going to do that?' but he came through it. ..."


Geoff has achieved a lot in his career, but the premise for why he is coming back is completely different. He is doing it for himself, and for the role he can play in inspiring others. He realises there are a lot of people behind him.

Regardless of what he does in the pool, this is a success story. Period.


Well he didn't get those jeers and jabs from this blog!

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