Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rob to Jellyfish: "don't tase me bro!!!"

Rob D. decides to go out for a casual open water swim at a place called "Lovers Point" located in Monterey, California. During the swim he happens to notice thousands of jellyfish; not hundreds, swimming 5-to-6-feet beneath him. He happens to have a camera with him and he knows nobody is going to believe him, so while risking getting "tased" a few hundred times, he snaps the photo above.

From RobAquatics:

I let everyone else get moving first and then sighted off of other people’s swim caps to figure out where we were going. I had my head up quite a bit at first but after a little bit I got on line with another swimmer and could relax a little and put my head down a little more. This led to a little bit of a surprise… THOUSANDS OF JELLYFISH!!! I’ve seen one here or there before, but this was completely amazing. They were everywhere, all pointed in the same direction with their tentacles unfurled behind them. Luckily they were about 5 or 6 feet below the surface. I was admittedly a little (ok possibly a lot) freaked out by this. I mean now that I’m totally surrounded what happens if there’s an upwelling that pushed them to the surface where my bare arms and chest are all ready to be stung repeatedly and mercilessly? Much to my relief none of that ever happened, but I was definitely on high alert from there on out!


Keep in mind that Monterey Bay is part of the infamous "red triangle"; a hangout for great white sharks.

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phonon56 said...

He swims with a camera?? How awesome is that??
Can I go next time?