Thursday, October 28, 2010

'USA Swimming' sex abuse lawsuit - San Jose Superior Court judge fines USA Swimming $5,250 for non-compliance and they still are not complying!

A judge gives USA Swimming explicit instructions on what evidence the plaintiff needs, how in should be categorized and delivered, but USA Swimming screws it up twice. They have less than a week to get it right or the Judge will penalized them again in some other way.

From the Colorado Springs Gazette:

The national governing body for swimming has six days to reproduce files concerning complaints of sex abuse against coaches it sanctioned, according to a court order in which the Colorado Springs-based organization was fined $5,250 for not originally complying. ..."

Names of witnesses, cities, schools, swim clubs and police departments were struck from the documents, termed by Allard as “entirely nonsensical” and “virtually unreadable.” In six cases, USA Swimming redacted bits of newspaper articles, and in two cases, the submitted identical documents with different redactions within each document. ..."


I wonder if a victim or victims will show up at the Golden Goggles Awards and protest?

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