Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Washington Post: Christine Jennings, winner of the 'Tiburon Mile' speaks out on how she too nearly died during the Fran Crippen race!

Swimmers are coming forward. From the Washington Post:

The other American, Christine Jennings, [featured on the far right of the photo] said she vomited several times in the water. Jennings, 23, got dizzy and veered off course. Fearing she would black out, she turned over and swam on her back with an arm in the air to signal her distress to the safety boats that are supposed to follow the swimmers in such races.


Where is the outrage from the governing bodies that sent swimmers?


Anonymous said...

When I read that Fran Crippen had sent an email outlining concerns he had to Chuck Wielgus, that name (Wielgus) didn't inspire faith...

Tony Austin said...

Knowing the governing bodies do inspire faith anymore.