Saturday, November 13, 2010

AP is reporting that Mark Schubert is out as USA Swimming head coach!

Another one of Chuck Wielgus' emails may have been leaked and this time it allegedly reveals that, Mark Schubert, is out as USA Swimming national team coach.

If this email leak is true, this Mark Schubert story seems a bit odd to me. After the USA Swimming convention, Schubert is suddenly put on a 60 day paid suspension leave of absence with no official statement made known by either party. There are a lot of whispers but nothing solid. Then, when 60-days is up, he is suddenly fired no longer the national team coach and no reason has been provided.

So again, if this is true, why is neither side talking? Why is there no acrimony, pleasant farewells or a gold watch goodbye? Sounds like there is a "game theory equation" in there somewhere whereas it was in USA Swimming's best interests to dump him and consequently it is in both parties interests to to say nothing about it.

From Associated Press:

"... USA Swimming executive director Chuck Wielgus wrote in an e-mail obtained by the AP that Schubert "is no longer the National Team Head Coach..."


The photo above is Tyler Cary at the TYR Swim Meet of Champions. The photo was taken by Mark Savage.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure he was suspended? I hear he simply couldn't handle the job any more.

Tony Austin said...

I touched up the article - he was put on a paid leave of absence for 60-days and suddenly he may not be the national team coach anymore.

Neither side is talking. I always presume the worst about this organization since in my opinion they have a lousy political track record.

Anonymous said...

How shady is this! I'm sure there's a lot more to the story that they don't want us to know about.

Anonymous said...

Good call on this. I know that Schubert can be very strong minded and this makes him difficult to work with but I really do think that he was the best person for the job and that he really did have the best intentions in mind for the national team and he was doing a great job. He was probably over paid though.

Tony Austin said...

Anon: I do not like Mark Schubert nor do I like the management style of Chuck W.

I will say this, that I have to agree with you 99%

TedBaker said...

Mark Schubert's track record at the top of the sport speaks for itself. Guy's done everything. Probably too hard ass for today's athlete, though.

And that's not a slight on today's kid: We were different; these kids are smarter, better travelled and don't respond to intimidation. That's a good thing.

Schubert probably had to go.

David said...

World's best coach - America's loss