Friday, November 26, 2010

I was just sent the police report in the Ken Stopkotte embezzlement arrest.

It was Coach Ken Stopkotte that contacted me months ago about the USA Swimming sex abuse issues once I made a blog post regarding a really scary San Jose coach. He was later seen on ABC News 20/20 laying it out out on the table and making lots of enemies in the swimming community.

This was sent to me as a fast note from an anonymous source regarding the recent charges filed against him. They included the police report in the arrest along with a cryptic comment:

"... Attached is the police report. [Note:] There is no mention whatsoever that Ken used any of the funds for personal gain, no mention that he embezzled money, no mention that the monies in said "private account" which in reality was a FAST account found its way to Ken.

More next week! ..."
Enter dramatic music - 0_o - I love a mystery, let's see what we get next week. The anon source did drop a bomb that I am too chicken to print. They say I will be getting more details next week.


Glenn said...

Man... my heart hopes that Ken is somehow vindicated because I've been friends with him for so many years. While it's very tough to imagine this is all a set up, I can only imagine what he and his family are going through if it is. Whatever the outcome, he'll ultimately know who his real friends are through this. said...

I've known Ken since I was 14 years old, he use to drive out of his way to pick me up for 5:30 am high school swim practices in the cold and snow, this is not the type of person that would embezzle, his heart is too good. I think it's related to his 20/20 interview, a payback of sorts...which is pure evil, as OUR girls need to be protected and Ken spoke out when many others should have get those awful coaches out of the sport. I agree with Glenn, I hope he's vindicated.

Tony Austin said...

I am neutral on this and I am presuming him innocent. What I should I do is post the police report and let everybody see that the money was put into a swim team account known as FAST and not a personal bank account.(Checks made out to FAST?) Also, no evidence that he withdrew the money for personal gain is noted.

However, this still may be against the law since it wasn't his pool, I don't know the rules nor the agreements he had in place, we will find out.

As for USA-S conspiracy, I don't know - they have not gone after me and have granted deck passes to my crew for photos and commentary.

So despite that I attack them often they have shown no "above the surface" hostility towards whatsoever. despite my name coming up in two depositions. They know who I am and are letting me speak freely. (Plus since I don't make money off this blog and all my opinions are my own, that helps too.)

I will will say a producer at ABC is looking into this story. She asked me for a police report, I provided it, and I recommended that they get their own to confirm what I had is legit.

Anonymous said...

Ken Stopkotte has indeed shown himself to be an embezzler and cheater. Too bad, he is very personable and was a great coach. Now he has destroyed his family and his life, though he continues to aggressively play the aggrieved party. Don't be fooled.

Tony Austin said...

Did he plead guilty or get convicted? If so, links, please?

I posted the police report to allow my readers to judge.