Thursday, December 16, 2010

China makes a doping statement - NO TOLERANCE even if WADA insists on cutting a doping sentence short!

Cultures are funny: For some, the concept of shame is a viable and even a morally respectable motive to commit suicide and for other cultures it is simply a non-existent emotion. (Wall Street, Banking and Washington DC are places that come to mind.)

Ōuyáng Kūnpéng is/was China's best backstroker. He's 28-years-old just before the Beijing Olympics he failed a drug test which infuriated Chinese officials to no end. They simply banned the swimmer for life and made it clear he humiliated his country. Even WADA pressured the Chinese to only ban the swimmer for two years but the Chinese would have no of that. This guy was DONE!


"... "We won't let him represent China in any competition," swim official Yuan Haoran told The Associated Press by phone. "He won't enter the Chinese national team again because of the very bad precedent he set."

WADA's director general, David Howman, says there's not much the agency can now do to help the swimmer, even though it and FINA, swimming's world governing body, did intervene against China's initial decision to suspend Ouyang for life. They leaned on China by filing an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, eventually prompting China to reduce the ban to two years. ..."

There you have it, China has set the bar higher than anyone else in regards to doping penalties and restrictions and consequently many Chinese athletes will have their lives sullied with career ending infractions for inadvertent doping.

Ironically enough, the Chinese will be now have the moral authority to point fingers at the United States and others for allowing swimmers who took the wrong antihistamine or supplement; (read the word "swimmer" as Jessica Hardy), and can morally label the world's athletes as dopers in their press.

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