Monday, December 27, 2010

Massive airship hangar converted into massive water park hang out!

The "beast" of a hangar cost $110-million to build, could house a fleet of 747s but instead of over-sized jets, the hangar housed an airship capable of lifting of 60-tons. When the airship crashed in a storm, the company that owned both the hangar and the ravaged airship, CargoLifter, lost the building in bankruptcy to a Malaysian company, Tanjong, for $24-million.

Tanjong converted the hangar into a water-park. The water-park: Tropical Islands Resort, host some 900,000 people a year mainly from northern & eastern Europe, features a 3,000-square-yard pool, an indoor rain forest with 50,000 trees in 600-varieties, a "bajillion" deck chairs, and best of all: a nine story slide that can propel users up to speeds of 44-miles-an-hour. That is a seriously awesome thing to experience I bet.

From Then and Now:

The Bali Lagoon has a grotto and waterfall, as well as the world’s largest indoor rain forest, with 50,000 trees in 600 varieties—from palm to papaya—that thrive in natural light. Its most popular attraction is a nine-story waterslide that propels sliders to 44 mph.


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