Monday, December 20, 2010


Swim meets and international competitions are hard to put on. Think about it: each race is an historical artifact and consider the what it takes to get the timing right, the officiating, the scheduling of the talent, the contracts, the venue, the posting of the results in real time and all of the other details to make a successful meet?

Why not learn from the best?

What USA Swimming does better than 99% of for profit entertainment organizations around; (this includes music festivals and even special events like the Oscars and Emmy Awards), is event planning!

When I saw this, I really wanted to go but I am located on the wrong side of the country; but if you can go, think what you can learn.

From the USA Swimming website:

The USA Swimming Event Management and Marketing Symposium will take place January 26-27 in Sarasota, Fla. The two-day symposium is designed for meet hosts, club business managers, and anyone with an interest in improving their events.

The symposium features a particular focus on event operations, risk management, sponsor relations, facility improvements, marketing and promotions, and financial opportunities. This symposium provides an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other event directors and staffs from around the country.

For more on the symposium, click here.

The photo above was taken by me at my most favorite swim meet, the TYR Swim Meet of Champions. An event that is put on quite well. I will be there next year.

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