Thursday, January 20, 2011

Awesome pools in and around New York City!

The New York Times has a profile on luscious pools and health clubs within the city: [Link]


Elliot said...

Our team, Manhattan Makos, hosts a meet at Flushing Meadows every December. Great facility that is hardly utilized.

Here are the pools our program uses:

This is our Flagship facility in TriBeCa:

Tony Austin said...

That is an awesome portfolio of pools. let me do a post on it.


Tony Austin said...
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Glenn said...

Uh... they seem to have forgotten to mention the only 50 meter pool IN NYC...

When you visit, you may even have someone you know swimming in the next lane. ;)

I'm there six days a week, and it's long course almost every morning, switching to short course around 10 am. Great place.