Thursday, January 20, 2011

Geoff Huegill Article: "Fire up Thorpie, says Skippy"

There they are, Ian Thorpe and Geoff Huegill at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

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tells me that Geoff Huegill was my most searched for swimmer to this blog and each week he remains in the top ten. Mostly visitors like to read how far he had fallen and then how hard to worked to come back. I spoke with his rep by email some months ago and he confirmed that Geoff is motivated, inspired, and in the game.

Now, Geoff Huegill tells the Brisbane Times that he wants to see wants to Ian Thorpe on an Australian relay team with him in the London 2012 Games.

WOW! I hate to say this but I would be rooting for that team because even though I am an American, I am a sucker for sincere comeback stories.

Here are some quotes which includes some polite trash talk towards Michael Phelps.

From the Brisbane Times:

"Absolutely. I hope I have ignited a fire in his (Thorpe's) belly," the champion butterflier told AAP.

"Hopefully he will swim on and want to be a relay swimmer (at London)."

Thorpe has been spotted training in Sydney and been in close contact with national head coach Leigh Nugent in recent months, adding to speculation he may return after his 2006 retirement.



Anonymous said...

Thorpe coming back may be the one thing that can get Phelps back on track.

Anonymous said...

So Thorpie the legend, the hero and the man who started the suit change is back. I wonder if a certain other swim writer will continue to blow smoke up the Aussie? Or maybe he will revert to thorpies times and medals as "tainted" after all Rome was a fairer playing field than Sydney. I wonder why so much secrecey around thorpes suit? Insiders say it may have been 2mm neoprene and the federation had previous been experimenting to get the best from a suit. But alas no, he will be the hero and those in Rome and Beijing forever be tainted with the " naughty boys and girls in naughty suits". Maybe one day the writers of the hatred towards the suits will point the finger where it all began.

Tony Austin said...

As you know I am not a fan of governing bodies or that "journalist" in the UK - I kick his ass last year in a debate on this blog regarding this particular "journalist" forfeiting his journalistic citizenship when he filed a brief in the USA Swimming versus TYR lawsuit.

Thorpe wore a techsuit and he is glorified whereas those in Rome were vilified. This "journalist;" in my opinion loves commonwealth swimmers and swimmers who speak English but, in my opinion, hates the French, the Chinese and the Italians.

As for the composition of the Thorpe's suit: HE knew what he was doing. He walked right up to the FINA line but never crossed it, FINA approved it, his times a re legal, the English guy is quiet, but the approved suits in Rome, he screams: "WITCH, WITCH!

If a 2mm neoprene suit would allow swimmers and coaches to make a "large" living and even grow the sport, I would say, make 4mm! ;-)

When techsuits existed, swimmers had a better chance of making a living. Now they are amateurs again and that is why rich executives profiting from the sport like USA Swimming and specific coach certifying group wants to keep it. If swimming went pro, think how irrelevant they would be?

Thanks for the comment, you got me all inspired.